Frequently Asked Questions

We've installed solar PV panels for hundreds of commercial and domestic customers. We find common questions occur across projects, from how does solar energy work to what are the benefits. We've collated a number for you below but if you have a question unique to your project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Besides saving huge chunks of out your energy bill, a GB Solar system will increase the value and saleability of your property and improve its energy efficiency rating. You will also get paid by your energy supplier for sending energy back to the grid. Aside from the financial benefits, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint and lessening your personal impact on the environment. GB Solar can also provide back-up power to your property, should you experience brown-outs or have a critical load that cannot be without power.

How many panels do I need?

This is totally down to how much energy you use. If you are a frugal homeowner whom likes to keep an eye on their electricity consumption, a smaller 6-8 panel system will be ideal to offset your energy bill and carbon footprint. However, if you’re a large family with a much heavier demand for energy, it would be most likely you’d benefit from a larger system, perhaps with the capacity to store any excess electricity in a battery system, to allow you to run the family home at night.


How long do Solar Panels last?

All our GB Solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer warranty as standard. Another important aspect of a panel warranty is the efficiency guarantee. This could prove crucial when considering the long-term investment. A GB Solar panel comes with an efficiency guarantee; this means we guarantee that the panel will still be working to at least 80% of its original efficiency twenty-five years after we’ve installed it.


Do I need to maintain anything?

In short, no. A GB Solar PV system is completely self-managing. You do not need to wind anything up, push any buttons or plug anything in. Two things you might consider over the years, are to maintain a regular check on the inverter to make sure it isn’t showing any fault’s, and to ask a local ‘telescopic pole’ window cleaner to give your panels the once-over every few years. GB Solar panels are self-cleaning, though it wouldn’t do any harm to give them a little TLC, it might be the difference between generating a few extra watts per year.


How much do Solar Panels cost?

The prices of different solar panels vary significantly. Some make use of different ‘cell’ technology, though these are often at a premium, and at the expense of a longer return-on-investment. A GB Solar 4kw capacity system for a typical three or four bedroomed house costs in the region of £4000-£5000, using market-leading manufacturers.


How can I monitor my Solar Panels?

All of our GB Solar systems come with complimentary system monitoring, showing the performance of the system from day one of the install. You’ll see exactly how much energy you’re generating at any time to allow you to maximise the use of the free electricity. With our battery storage systems, you’ll be able to see your generation, house demand and state of charge of the battery system itself.


Do I get paid for generating my own electricity?

No. There used to be a scheme called the FIT (Feed-In-Tariff) that paid you for every kWh of energy you generated, though this closed at the end of March 2019. You will however still get paid for sending energy back to the national grid under the SEG – Smart Export Guarantee. This will be a variable rate and is likely to reflect the wholesale rate of electricity. You can read more about the SEG here: GB Solar SEG Guide