Commercial Solar Panel Installation

The Benefits

Save money

Future energy security

Doing your bit for the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint

Enhanced CSR status

​A commercial solar panel installation could enable your business to tick all of the above boxes. The impact a Solar PV installation can have on a business is wholly measurable. We can specify exactly how much energy you can expect to generate in a year, along with the amount of CO2 you'll save emitting into the atmosphere.


We provide a bespoke service to each client from concept to completion. Whether you're looking to meet specific daily demand, work towards completely offsetting your carbon footprint, or merely secure the quickest ROI, we will work with you to ensure your project meets your high expectations. 

Case Study

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation can save your business money

Annual Investment Allowance

Did you know commercial solar panel installation qualifies as a long life asset within your business?


You could offset 19% of the purchase price (up to £1 million) using your Annual Investment Allowance.