Renewable Energy Advantages for Business

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Five-year capital payback? 25%+ return on investment? Tax-breaks? Sound too good to be true? There are many renewable energy advantages. Let us tell you how your business could benefit…

Long gone are the days of fitting as many solar panels on a roof as possible to get paid subsidies for the energy you generate, with savings for the business a mere afterthought.

Commercial Solar Power and battery storage, however, remains as attractive as ever and there are many benefits to your business you may not have considered. Not only will a well-designed and correctly sized system present you an attractive ROI; there is never a day too soon to reduce your carbon footprint, move your business forward into the post-coal era, secure your energy future with a low price per kWh and enhance your business’ corporate & social responsibility and public image.

The world faces an energy revolution. I choose the word revolution rather than crisis (as the media would put it), because GB Solar are one of several companies pushing forward the change needed within the energy sector – with or without subsidy. Whilst thousands march on the streets of London protesting climate change, global leaders do the bare minimum to appease scientists and governments try as they might to protect their gas and oil investments, behind the scenes there are hundreds and thousands of people and businesses, like GB Solar, designing our energy future.

Renewable Energy Advantages In Numbers…

When was the last time you looked over the energy costs for your business? Even more alarming is the comparison between wholesale pricing from 2010 to now, 2019.

Renewable energy advantages include saving on rising cost as demonstrated in this graph

This graph shows that in January 2010, the retail price of electricity was £460/MWh, now in 2019, prices sit at £720/MWh. That’s a 55% increase over just nine years. Bear in mind this is the wholesale price, far from the price we pay at our plug and socket, which is commonly more than twice as expensive as this, you’ll note this is a huge rise in cost.

These prices are only set to increase over the coming five to ten years; key indicators such as the rapid and continued growth of Electric Vehicles, the government commitment to ban new gas installations from 2025 – which is just over five years away – and the onset of nuclear power, to which the government have guaranteed developers a minimum price that is already twice as expensive as current wholesale pricing, give an absolute certain indication that as Great Britain enters an electrified future, the cost at which this will happen will only continue to hit business and homeowners.

solar panels can provide renewable energy advantages

What can GB Solar do to help you secure your energy future?

Solar panel systems gain all the advantages of renewable energy and are completely scalable; whether you’d like one or two panels to power a few lights, or whether you’re looking to match or offset your current energy demand in a large scale manufacturing or refrigeration business, we can be certain to scale a system exactly to meet your requirements whilst offering an exceptional return on investment.

If your business is a heavy energy user, start to think about the renewable energy advantages you could benefit from: a 50kWh capacity system could save you over £7,000 per year. At an example install cost of £35,000 + vat, you’ll achieve capital payback in five years, knowing that as energy prices continue to inflate, you’ll be saving more money accordingly. Not only that, this basic calculation doesn’t take into account any savings through tax-breaks such as the AIA (Annual Investment Allowance). Using the AIA, you could offset 19% of the cost against your pre-tax profits and achieve a four-year payback on capital.


Get in touch with GB Solar today to find out more about Saving Money, reducing your Carbon Footprint, improving your CSR and helping us make the world a little bit greener.

Where can you find us over the coming months? Check out these dates for your diary and talk to us about the renewable energy advantages for business...

Friday 14th June - Energy at the University of Nottingham - Solar PV, an Introduction and Future View - FREE ENTRY - 08:00 - 10:30 am

Wednesday 23rd October - Sheffield Showcase - Exhibition of South Yorkshire Business in association with Sheffield Chamber of Commerce - FREE ENTRY - 9:30 - 16:00 pm

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